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Coldest Market Ever ! (originally posted February 7th 2012)

By gatewaycollective, Aug 24 2014 08:49PM

Well it’s been 3 days since our first ‘proper’ market. I would have blogged earlier but it’s taken me this long to thaw out! We obediently arrived in Prescot at 8am (like the letter said we had to). That was our first mistake. No-one else arrived till 9am, we could have had an extra hour in bed! (note to self- next time ignore the letter) We set the stall up, made sure everything was labelled correctly and had a bacon butty. Things were initially looking positive. The market was on the high street so we anticipated a decent footfall and we were placed right next to the Liverpool Cheese Company which surely had to be complimentary. We made about £20 in the first hour, even making a sale while we were still setting up. Then the rain started. Well I can’t even say it was rain, more like ice falling from the sky. It was so cold. The ground instantly became an ice rink. At one point I had to just let a man take his change from my money pot as my hands were too cold to give it to him! Precot is hardly chutney capital of the North West as the best of times but on Saturday no one was interested. We made £32.50 all day – ‘all day’ ended at 1pm as we were too cold to stay till the official end time of 2pm. The highlight of the day was an old mans trousers falling down while he was looking at the pie stall- and then not noticing for 30 seconds. Seriously! Not noticing your trousers are round your ankles for 30 seconds in sub-artic temperatures seems a little extreme to me. He probably wanted to show off his rather large used-to-be-white-but-now-they’re-grey pants to cheer us up. Well it worked. Jan and I laughed for 20 minutes over that. (it was probably hysteria due to cold induced temporary insanity)

Anyway needless to say it wasn’t the triumph hoped for. The good thing was that everyone who tried our products bought but I think we’re gonna need more than £32.50 to change the world! Anyway we will still carry on and have faith that this is the right thing. We’ve got a few different markets to try & the red onion marmalade is selling well. We need to get on with getting a website, Facebook page, twitter feed etc and we need to develop our Gateway Collective crafts lines. But there is only so much you can do when working full-time as well so for now we’ll carry on taking one step at a time whilst giggling about a man whose trousers fell down. :)

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